The State of Things

An “old” online term came up on a podcast I was listening to the other day: the blogroll. This link list of blogs you want visitors to know about, or friends. Another thing that came up in that interview pre-blogging platform era: Movable Type. Anyone who had an online existence before 2000’s -way before this current onslaught of mass-presence online- would be sure to grow some nostalgia horns, and wear them proudly.

I never got to install those Movable Type CGI plugins, so WordPress (post-Cafelog times, I remember!) was a neat thing, since blogging didn’t feel so bare-bones anymore. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when I knowingly had my domain and webhosting expire. Namecheap had my account expiry on a grace period, so I did renew everything. It felt like playing a worn guitar you won’t ever touch again because it lost its charm, when you have shinier, better things to mess around with, but it has your name on it.


When studies find where people stay the most online, I don’t think I even finish reading past the results from the headline. I’m on Youtube daily, and after reviewing this channel, surgically stripping songs I love/d from my youth, I instantly realized that more than half of what I was deciding to spend my time on was garbage. Learning was ideal, but I didn’t have to understand music theory, and take a test after. Music, of course, is the exception.

Browse smart! Better yet, browse smarter!


I’ve had my mind on making a vlog, and I’ve surrendered willingly to also accept that as a viable word. I’ve done podcasts before, and the production and the feedback I got was more than good, it was near heartwarming. A recent camera purchase almost had me convinced it was a good idea, because it can do 4K video. The idea doesn’t sound any good anymore. I don’t even have to write a list down to strike it off from my mind.

Maybe its not apparent, but recent events also made me understand that I have really no wanderlust in me, and the only place I know to be soul-quenching would be Japan. My feet set on Japan last December, and I’ve only a handful of photos and videos to show for it. Changing life-temperament?


The current state is not limbo. Its all normal and fine over at Instagram, and my idol-centric self is active and social on Twitter, and this blog retains its purpose, much like a business card I hand over, all antiquated, like the gesture itself.

PassCode in Taipei (2017)

When Yennung handed me over my gig ticket last Sunday, the big relief that came wasn’t the overwhelming sort, maybe because the physical fatigue I’ve went through to be there (spent the night at the airport for an early morning Shanghai to HK to Taipei flight the day before) was still very present. More than a week ago, Yennung was an internet stranger who heeded my call when I showed interest in going to a concert in Taipei by posting on a Facebook fanclub. I wasn’t asking for anything specifically, but about 2 days after we chatted, I was looking at a photo of an electronically printed piece of paper that, figuratively, had my name on it.

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Ending 2016

December’s birthday trip was spent at Anhui Province, a few hours from Shanghai. Boarded a fast train, and the last 1/3 of the ride was done backwards, like we lost our way. I spent a day at Xidi Ancient Town, where I was lead to based on the premise that it was a nice place to take photographs, and that it was the second most touristy ancient town in the area, and therein strikes a good-enough balance for me. Worth going to? Good side-trip, good for an afternoon, but the place is dead after sunset, and I didn’t sense any promise of shooting at night.

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The 2016 Music List: The Age of Alt-Idols

The year 2016 wasn’t much of a change from the routine. I watched the usual post-rock shows, but had on normal listening rotation a thing, this thing  that I didn’t get into because I’m into music that just should not be regular, or even hip. There was simply an invisible hand, a gravitation towards it. There’s no definitive tag to it, so let’s give it the loose term it’s been given by fellow fans: alt-idol.

BABYMETAL promo image for their 2nd album, Metal Resistance, released March of this year.

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Big Four, Part 2

Part 1 here.

World’s End Girlfriend
November 5, 2016
QSW Culture Center

When news of World’s End Girlfriend playing here got around, there wasn’t any hint of hesitation that I just had to go, though, sure, I’ve only seen a handful of music videos, maybe played a song or two, but there was no legitimate big fan tag to pin with legitimacy on me. Should it matter, though? There’s that admission, and there was this opportunity that this -to put it bluntly- will be just like any other weekend gig I go to, except that it was a Japanese band that has appealed to the discerning music fans outside of their country for some time.

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