crap and wow

insert gripe here: screwy microsoft blog media-detect plugin! bah. doesnt work now.

insert praise here: w.bloggar has a fancy upload tool within the update interface. a little slow, but hey, its gotta ftp the thing first of course.

modified post re wmp blog plugin

as you can see in the previous post, as well as this one, i set a blog plugin to insert the media (video or audio) info that im currently playing to the blog post. this method calls for: WMP 9.0, and this, which is part of the “Windows Media Player 9 Series Fun Pack“.

thing here is, this is not going to be a natural thing to do when i’m at home, fiddling with the pc… who’d want to have resource-whore, bad-sounding, monopolistic media player, when i have iTunes?


checked my posts with the audio links. suddenly, my blog archive list looked dirty because of the code-as-blog-heading tactic. might as well set a code rule myself on the css template, so i could get rid of blog titles altogether, and just embed the media info/link within the blog entry body. but i’ll be ending the day already, thank you very much.

so yeah, i’m geeky like that.

lubi woe

just when i thought i could shoot with the lubi already, since it just got lens-calibrated, there’s one obtrusive speck of dirt on the photographic lens. gah. also, the smena symbol hasnt arrived yet, and i blame the guiguinto (bulacan) post office. gah, gah.