ive always known that one can ‘pop’ web-based email to a certain mail client, and have it behave like any popmail, but i really havent gotten much into the whole thing, since i do have pop mail with web-based access. however, since i really would need spam filters now, ive now migrated to yahoo mail (6 megs). im now testing YahooPOPs! on mozilla thunderbird, and looks like the initial lag with mail downloads is tolerable, because it works elegantly.

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the new pc

ah. a comfy 45.6kbps dial-up connection with my new external DLink modem, iTunes playing some sappy, sad-bastard music, me downloading a free antivirus program, graphics card drivers… all on an Athlon XP platform. never mind the big fan noise, and no-dsl-available-couldnt-afford-it-if-it-was, this setup is actually quite nice. it should be, for the price tag, dammit.


i’ve already been patient for two years at work. two years of utter dissatisfaction.

the guys here have been discussing about multinationals and traditional companies, even government agencies. benefits vs. salary. a sack of rice monthly. pension.

yes, i am considering editing work (again), but my confidence level isnt for a pro. i guess i can be trained, but what will you do if your editor isnt even a regular book-reader? :/


bollocks, living is.

Google ‘Filipino’

make a search with the string “Filipino” on IMDB, and one will find out the following:

1) there was a film in 1900 called A Filipino Town Surprised. not much details supplied on the net. was shot in Dagupan.

2) Screen One: Filipina Dreamgirls is about ‘Several men from England travel to the Philippines on an arranged tour to meet Filipina women for romance and possible marriage. None of the women are the ideal Asiatic beauties the men imagined, but by the end of the tour, most of the Englishmen return with a new bride.‘. rated 8 out of 10 by a reviewer.

3) Tsuma wa Filipina (My Wife is Filipina) was part of the Singapore International Film Festival

4) finally, Tina Arena‘s real name is Filipina Lydia Arena.

another dose of useless info from yours truly.

today, i…

fuelled by 2 hours of sleep, became the willing patient of two 3, 5 year-old girl-doctors, and a happy owner of an athlon cpu. that’s me, but id rather cap today either slumped in my bed or watching xp get installed on my pc; definitely not at work.