Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – QSW Culture Center, March 19

I don’t normally do an image search of bands before I watch them, but I did this time with Godspeed You! Black Emperor, since I’ve always known the band by name, can say I’ve listened to them a few times, but I don’t know how they look like. See, since I take performance photos, this helps. The search results weren’t the motivating sort, though, since they don’t fit the face-the-audience mold. Anyhow, I was there for the music and whatever spectacle awaits me.

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The 2015 Backlog


CarcassMAO Livehouse, October 9

After spending two months home, I am back in Shanghai, typing this post in a window-less temporary abode, in a far-flung location, where it was dead quiet during the Chinese New Year festivities, I had to squint from the building rooftop to see fireworks from miles, miles away.

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2015: Instagram Edition

Obviously, blogging was pushed far back in the shelf of priorities this 2015. Instagram has taken over the diary role, despite being blocked in China. Wechat, too, though less thought was put in curating content there.


A photo posted by @wrongboy on

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SH Music Festivals 2015: @JAM KAWAII POP FES

jam shanghai

Photo source from the official event site here.

@JAM was a Japanese idol event held last June 28, at the QSW Culture Center, where I had zero chance to take out the camera and shoot the concert.

So, why am I going at all?

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BORIS / tricot / How To Count One To Ten / December


BORISQSW Culture Center, March 13

Five Japanese rock music events this year in Shanghai, makes it less compelling to really to plan for a trip to the music’s country of origin, really. It should happen, but I’ve seen most of who I wanted to see in this lifetime. I will make an unquestionable exception for them, though.

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