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LOTD: Club Dredd is Back, Crowe’s Singles Review, etc.

Links of the day:

  • Legendary local rock joint Club Dredd is back, and its a 3-minute walk from the office, second floor of Gweilo’s Eastwood. Was never at the original, nor the relocated Club Dredd. But, come to think of it, free gigs are always happening here in Eastwood City anyway, I’d probably only go on nights with a good band line-up.
  • Caught Cameron Crowe’s grunge-rock tribute movie Singles on HBO the other day, and I swear, I was wishing I could see the same movie half an hour before it aired on TV. A very personal review here.
  • Chinese food ‘made from cardboard’. Ugh. Pork baozi was my favorite morning street snack back in Shanghai. Almost the same size as Kowloon House siopao, filled with ginger-y pork bola-bola style, soaking in hot broth inside the bun, and for the equivalent of 6 pesos each.
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Nationalistic Meme?

Sabi ni Jonas, kaklase ko nung college: “What are the 3 signs you see happening now that make you say, “It feels great to be Pinoy

Sagutin ko to ng Tagalog, palagay ko mas angkop para sa tema.

1) Ang pagpapakita sa nakaraang eleksyon ng pakikialam sa umiiral ng sitemang pulitikal ng bansa, at ang pagdadamay ng mga pangalan sa balota na mas may saysay kaysa sa yung hinain lang ng gobyerno, kahit na isa ako sa nagnanais na sana may isang sulok pa sa nananatiliang dualismo sa pulitika. Una ito sa listahan dahil sa relvance sa panahon, pero mas masusubukan ito sa nalalapit na pangpanghulong halalan.

2) Ang pagkakaroon pa rin ng espirito ng idealismo, at ang walang hanggang pagnanais para umunlad ang kamalayan ng Pinoy para sa ikabubuti ng kalagayan ng pamumuhay ng nakakarami -na di lang sa kalagayan ng pangangalakal ng bansa, dulot ng foreign investment/overseas employment- at ang pagsikap na matupad ito.

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Seagull 4A Test Shoot/Cosplay Photo-Op at Intramuros, Manila

Let’s just say I’m happy that my camera works, though there are still issues to bump into:

  • I have a crappy years-old Microtek scanner; no funds to get new one
  • 120 film scanning is NOT cheap
  • Guesstimating past-date film exposure is a pain, but damn, the one film that got be the good exposures expired 6 years ago.

Since I’m not done with scanning and uploading the photos, here’s a teaser. Longer, elaborate post to follow.

COSPLAY Shoot at Intramuros, Manila

You do know I post all the good photos over at my Flickr account, right? 🙂

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Regret of the Year

I discovered Emilie Simon last year when I was in Shanghai. Fell in love with her, adored her music. So, what kind of imbecile should I call myself for not going to her FREE concert last Friday? See, I only knew about it THE DAY AFTER. I’ve already said my piece here, and some have shared their sentiments re my suffering. For photos of the gig, head on over here.

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Probably a last glimpse of summer-blue skies for this year

Libis Fisheye View
Click image for more info; not taken by a fashionable toy camera.

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