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Since I don’t get tagged at all, not since my Livejournal days, I’ll oblige:

6 Weird Things About Me

  1. When I cook, I don’t depend on measurements 80% of the time. I rely on taste-tests. This isn’t really ideal, because I’d have to approximate again what I did last time I cooked the same dish.
  2. I often skim printed materials back-to-front, but I skip the sports section on newspapers.
  3. I intentionally cough like hell when smokers are around, not because I’m actually affected by the second-hand smoke.
  4. I’m one of those people who’d stare at you with piercing, taunting eyes if you make unnecessary noises in a movie theater, and I don’t care who you’re with, what size you are, your actual gender, etc.
  5. I put granulated sugar in nilagang baka and baboy dishes. Not when cooking, but when I’m eating.
  6. I’d skim the pirated DVD bins for very long hours, and bring home 2-3 titles.

Thanks Karla 😉

I don’t have any big blogger friends now, so anyone who wants to get tagged by yours truly, go ahead.

LOTD: Of Alter Egos, and Other Misc Geekery

Links of the day:

  • WikipediaFS is a mountable Linux virtual file system that enables you to deal with Wikipedia (or any Mediawiki-based site) articles as if they were real files. (source/via,)
  • The Free Me DVD, a project to help promote free culture, has just made the iso image to download (via/source) No torrent yet, though.
  • Photojournalist Robbie Cooper captured images of gamers and their real-life selves. View the thumbnail galleries here, and here, and see the book ‘Alter Ego: Avatars and Their Creators‘ on Amazon here. (via)
  • Former US House Speaker Gingrich To Conservatives: Don’t Talk About Iraq, Katrina, Walter Reed, Attorneys, Or Bush (source)
  • HOW TO – Improve your photography with classical art (source/via). And how to do this in GIMP (from the GIMPGuru Tutorials).
  • And on a lighter note: here are a few reasons not to get too drunk with friends.

Pahabol Sa Good Friday 2007 Sa Laguna

Having 120 film scanned to cd is fairly expensive, and again, I don’t have the budget for a film scanner, but I badly needed to follow up my Good Friday 2007 photos with RFilipinas. I was supposed to have the negatives printed yesterday, but I hesitated when I remembered there are ghetto ways to do negative scans with a normal scanner.

Pahabol sa Good Friday 2007 in Laguna with RFilipinas

And the effect is not bad, if you ask me. Re-visit the Flickr photoset here.

Do also check the Rangefinder Filipinas Blogs (BETA) 🙂

Update to Chinese New Year 2007

Do take a look at the just upoaded, last 5 shots of my Chinese New Year 2007 Flickr set. The shots before were all digital.

With finer grain, and sharper focus than the Good Friday Lomo Smena 8M set.

Camera used: Fed 2 rangefinder with Fed-50 f3.5 lens, and Colpan 100 film. From the same batch of film I DEVELOPED here.