Envy: Asia Tour 2011 in Shanghai

I started listening to Envy back in 2007 (proof!; albeit in a not-so-great light), and when doing random searching lead me to this page, I shot an email and had my tickets reserved. This was bound to be AWESOME

And about 40 people believed that, too. I’m a little sure though that some were just curious, and wouldn’t mind spending 200RMB on some visiting Japanese rock band.

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Looking Back: The Sort of Photos I Used to Take

Before I had the encouragement and inspiration from my photographer friends/photography idols over at Rangefinder Filipinas, I shot photos based on an existing, underdeveloped aesthetic. These were taken during a work stint in China, around 2005-2006.


After the Tienanmen Square flag-raising cermonies in Beijing.

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