Been Out, But The Photos Don’t Come Out Quite Right

Manila Symphony Orchestra
Manila Symphony Orchestra, with guest conductor Joseph Esmilla

Model photography has taken a rest, even though I’ve bought a cheap one-light kit, inspired largely by the OneLight Workshop. Decided to just go out and photo-document my usual: gigs.

First up was the manila Symphony Orchestra, with fellow Rangefinder Filipinas member Joseph Esmilla guest-conducting. There was no intention to take anything serious from the event, I just happen to have a camera with me because I intended to go somewhere else after the event. Glad enough to have the shot posted above. It was my first time to attend a classical music concert, which surprised the people I went with. It was a great concert, and I wished then I was exposed and understood the music better, along with the nuances of this sort of concert-going.

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Warbringer Thrashing Manila

John Kevill of Warbringer

I deem keeping online social networks necessary, even for just being updated on gigs to shoot. This was a big deal when people were still active on Mutliply, and now that everyone’s on Facebook, I always have a keen eye on the Events section.

However, the gig poster for US thrash metal band Warbringer just came out of my news feed since some random person tagged cosplayer Alodia on it. Ha!

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Under The Weather


It was nice to see Kat and the rest of Sinosikat again last Friday, despite the miserable shooting conditions: Kat elevated above everyone else because of the stage design (an 85mm would’ve been handy, but the Jupiter 9 M42 mount I own goes too soft wide open; the 200mm Takumar I had was just too long), and the heat. Even if it was held in my work turf of Eastwood City, the sweltering weather and the absence of cooling fans didn’t help my not-so-ideal health that day as well. Gig went well, but sadly I didn’t have my fill, both in terms of photos and music, since it was over just way too early.

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Doing The Rounds

Asahi Pentax Spotmatic SP film SLR
Pentacon f2.8/29mm lens
Neopan 1600 (pushed to 3200 with paRodinal developer)
Saguijo, Makati City

The last gig I went to where I got out of the venue and found that I had wrinkled finger-skin was way back when Rage Against The Machine played here. I wouldn’t say yet that I’m a big fan of Franco, but apparently a lot of people are, since I heard Saguijo got calls all day confirming if the band was indeed playing that night. Security won’t let people in anymore unless you go way back behind everyone. I went with that, but eventually found myself shooting with my rinky-dink Spotmatic at an arms-length distance with the bands. Thanks to my borrowed German 29mm lens, but no thanks to the almost non-existent light, as a wall of people blocked it.

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