Endings Of A New Kind

Taken By Cars
Taken By Cars

It has been a long time since I bought a real-deal audio cd, but I just did last Saturday.

It was the second leg of the Taken By Cars: Endings of a New Kind Bar Tour, at Route 196 in Katipunan Ave., QC, and I did intentionally plan ahead for the gig. Oh yeah, having Duster on the band roster surely helped.

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Dreddbanger’s Ball

As far as the local music scene is concerned, I’m up for those oufits just hovering around the mainstream circuit, like the Terno bands. Sadly, a good number of the younger bands sound the same, which does reflect the sort of sound coming out of the radio and the music video channels as well, anyway.

Since Club Dredd is pretty close, and I haven’t shot a gig for weeks, I went and shot a part of the scene I don’t think I was ever exposed to: the metal side of things.

Descant Gott
Descant Gott at Dreddbanger’s Ball, Club Dredd, Eastwood City, Libis, QC

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Three Gigs

This site needs some attention. Badly.

So here:

The Youth
Dodong Cruz of The Youth

December 8: Club Dredd, a gig with Ursa Minor and The Youth. Ursa Minor was interesting as they had heavy ‘grunge’ influences, though they had massive doses of that Hum influence, Hum being an all-time favorite American rock outfit of mine… OK and their drummer was gorgeous. The Youth did not disappoint, though Dodong Cruz’s sometime glare was menacing. Ah this was one of the biggest bands from the 90s, and their performance still reeked awesomeness. They finished the set with a cover of The Cure’s A Night Like This.


Anabel of Analog

December 9: It was my second chance to watch Rock The Riles, a Rock Ed Philippines project, and though I believe I was better prepared and ‘learned‘ photographically speaking from last year, I still think I did a very lousy personal coverage of the event. I consider myself lucky to have a handful of photos to show. Oddly, I liked the Boni photos best.

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Now, To Consider Other Things

PREVIEW: Effinboiche's Last Gig
Alex singing with Angulo at Effinboiche’s last gig last Saturday

My current muse-of-a-band, Effinboiche, held their last gig last Saturday in Malate. I was there, and I gave Alex my book project.

Book project? See, I’ve had these ideas for compiling photos in a not so usual manner for the past few months. Pity I haven’t started printing even a small fraction of my photos, and the hundred or so prints I do have, pre-digital, are now unattended in shoeboxes. My affiliation with RFilipinas had me consider other practical ways to handle the situation, like inkjet printing on a paper-based album instead, or the actual making a coffee table type picture book. I wanted the photos from my China stay to be the initial project, but this was the time my feet constantly itched for gigs.

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