ISP Showdown: Smart Bro VS. ComClark

Since late 2006, after my coming back from work in China, and a PC upgrade, the ISP I’ve been using has been Smart Bro. Despite the negative feedback it was getting then, I really had no choice, since the PLDT cables don’t reach my place in Bulacan, and there wasn’t anything that Digitel offers that can equal to Smart Bro’s promise.

Yesterday, I had my ComClark cable internet installed. The house is already subscribed with their tie-in to a local cable TV provider, and we’ve had favorable experience with that. I got their Exceed 888 plan, which has promised speeds up to 512 kbps for 888 pesos. On paper, this means I’ll be paying 111 pesos less than my usual, and since Smart Bro speeds are only up to 384 kbps, I’m also supposed to get faster internet.

Now, what do the speed tests say?

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