new layout and the shivers

the new layout is fuelled by the want to impress interviewers at my job interview tomorrow, just in case they ask, and would want to see what i do online.

full site rehash is not done yet, but this will do for now.

take a visit at your local VCD-han

its an odd, but totally genuine feeling, that i proclaim how heartwarming it is to see the variety of local movies out on VCD (crappy format, but it will do; still prefer VHS to this) now. anything from joey de leon‘s she-man (poster? click here!), to long-lost restored gerardo de leon classic sanda wong.

equally fantastic is that vicor music has decided to re-release on cd some albums of its own. remember, i proudly bought the re-issue of sharon cuneta’s first album. now, the last time i saw didith reyes on anything was on a vinyl LP we once owned. yes, rock music snobs, i guess im not going to buy it for purposes of my father’s nostalgia only.

watching and reading

since i am too lazy and unwilling to trek the north expressway to acquire a copy of Lost in Translation, i figured out one of our local video stores that rent out pirated dvd’s might have a copy. matter of fact, they do, but it was OUT. dammit. had it reserved, anyway.


currently reading H.P. Lovecraft‘s The Cult of Cthulhu.

no work/printer-happy

headache-spree for me for the past two days. two biogesics will be effective… after 2 hours. hence, no work. blogging away because i just cant sleep.

bought an Epson C43UX printer, with ‘home-quality’ imaging. my dad has been pestering me to get one, since he wants to edit his CV. this will do. i paid for it, you know.


i’ve already been patient for two years at work. two years of utter dissatisfaction.

the guys here have been discussing about multinationals and traditional companies, even government agencies. benefits vs. salary. a sack of rice monthly. pension.

yes, i am considering editing work (again), but my confidence level isnt for a pro. i guess i can be trained, but what will you do if your editor isnt even a regular book-reader? :/


bollocks, living is.