First Quarter 2011 Gigs, Part 2: The Mocha Girls, College Collision 4, et al

There’s something about ‘being hip’ that doesn’t sit well with me. Sure, I sometimes file myself under the ‘cooler-than-thou’ category, but I always allow myself to deviate, and embrace what most of these young Tumblr folk go gaga over. Most especially if they come in very sexy packages.

Mocha Girls
Mocha Girls

I think it happened late last year when I started my metal scene coverage when I got curious about the Mocha Girls. After looking at their photos, watching a few Youtube videos, I got it.

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First Quarter 2011 Gigs, Part 1: The Shocking Details, et al

There was The Deftones post, and another one about Mishka Adams, but not much else on the rest of the gigs I’ve attended this year. So far, so good.

Arigato Hato
Arigato Hato, MEIDAY! MEIDAY!, February 5, 2011; Super Takumar 55m f1.8 adapted to digital EOS

This wasn’t a gig I had any intent to watch, but I found myself in the area with a friend. I’ve always wanted to see Arigato Hato after seeing a couple of their performance videos online, and their set that time did not disappoint.

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Nariese, my shoot collaborator/stylist/make-up artist, requested that we arrange something for a friend of hers, who will be celebrating her debut soon. Something like this would usually be fine with me, but it took awhile before I was shown a picture of the subject. When that time came, it took some time to wipe the grin off of my face. I’ve always trusted Nariese’s taste since we started, I curse myself for leaving room for doubt now.

The pegs I was shown, had a vintage theme, which I was for, but without the apt scene and props, I knew it was hard to be strict with the proposed concept. As expected, I did bring some of my old film cameras, but the Seagull 4A TLR was an easy choice to use. If only we had some more time to prepare, I would’ve convinced some people to lend me any of the following fashionable choices: an Agfa Clack/Click, an Argus C3 (well, not exactly a pretty sight, but Gwyneth pulled it off), a Kodak Brownie (I would’ve really liked this), or even a large format camera rig.

Again, the Chinese TLR won, but before I digress further, let’s meet the debutante:


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It’s that time of year again for the Philippine International Jazz Festival, when people who can’t afford tickets to their big shows look for small, free ones. This was special though.

Mishka Adams
Mishka Adams

I haven’t been to a Mishka Adams gig before, though I guess its expected for me to just rush to one. She entered the local music consciousness around 2006, and from the onset, it was obvious she knew and practiced the art of true jazz. This was also about the time I started to realize I was going to clubs, photo-documenting gigs, and she has always been on my list of to-see’s, the other apparent reason is her being so visually stunning.

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Pau Redux


There will be drastic life-changes soon, hence things that I have tried and grown to love doing need to be repeated, with tweaks. For example: fashionable model shoots are now modified to be simple portraiture.

Since I loved the output from Pau’s last shoot, I asked her again to spend some time while I hone whatever skill I had at making people still, and look beautiful.

The decision to dress-down was based on the realization that shooting high-brow fashion entails some sensibilities I can’t name nor possess. That’s where my shooting partner/stylist Nariese comes in, but she likes the challenge I proposed. We’ll go white, and we’ll get Pau again.

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