Podcast Kayo Dyan! Two New Episodes From The Pakbet Crew

I was supposed to be on podcast leave last weekend, but the rest of my group did NOT record ANY podcast episode as scheduled. So, on a hot Sunday afternoon, we somehow got together, and was even able to invite guests, to record the 4th installment to the MEGA-Pakbet Podcast show, which is due for a change-of-title, because references to the show don’t mention “MEGA” anyway, and we have to somehow get the word Plurk in the title.

Mega-Pakbet Podcast – Episode 4: The Jenijenjen Song

TOPICS:The Banchetto Plurkfiesta, a Bebigerls update; the Failon Incident, and its coverage on old and new media; and The Cat Killer from UP.

Stream or download the podcast here.

Pakbet Interviews Clinton Palanca on Photography

I would also like to present another episode from Pakbet Interviews, this time with a topic close to heart: photography. This episode is actually an excerpt from a longer recording, which didn’t really go anywhere. Karen and I chatted with Clinton Palanca in the last third of the show about film photography, cameras, and related photographic geekery. The Clinton Palanca? Sometime magazine editor who also wrote fiction and non-fiction some time ago? Yes. He’s a Plurker.

Stream or download the podcast here.

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PakbetPodkasts: Interview with an SG Expat, and Crying Over Spilled Plurk Karma

The Pakbet Crew is on a roll! Two podcasts to feature:

Pakbet Interviews Toni AKA Daria: On Pinoy Expat Life in Singapore
Download or stream here.

Here we interview Toni, a Pakbet friend from work before, on Pinoy expat life in Singapore. We go all-out and ask her about life, and living in a foreign country, the work, the food, and tips and advice for those who want to visit or work in Singapore.

Mega-Pakbet Podcast – Episode 3: Crying Over Spilled Karma
Download or stream here.

Here’s how everyone spent their Holy Week vacation/holidays. We also talk about Luis Buenaventura’s article: The Death of Plurk, Plurk vs. Twitter, and Plurk Karma: Does It Really Matter?

We will also be releasing one more podcast this week, re the most controversial topic on Plurk these days.

PakbetPodkasts: Podcasts from the Non-Leaders of Opinion

Unofficially, Pakbet -composed of five ex-officemates, who’re geek-to-the-bone– has 5 podcast recordings on record, and we’ve released 4, but the official count is really 2.

Does that make sense? Anyway, I’ll list the official ones:

Download/stream here.

I wanted this to be a free-for-all topic contribution thing, and it did come out that way, but yes, it wasn’t as funny and as spontaneous, as the podcast we recorded the day before though (which you can hear/download here). Talked about Earth Hour, the Plurk life, the brouhaha started by Chip Tsao, NIN coming to Manila, and UP Fair violence. With guests Karen and Joiz.

Dementia Terrorizes The Pakbets!
Download/stream here.

J hosted this one, and the content was on the light side. Pakbet’s criteria for a mate? Men prefer docile women? Men go for looks? Does Pakbet consider themselves as typical guys? Karen aka Dementia did the interviewing this time, and no, I wasn’t in a non-sober state, I just wasn’t home, and couldn’t think straight through the whole recording.

And for everything: http://raincontreras.com/pakbetpodkasts/

UPDATE: Here’s the shorter URL -> http://pakbet.co.nr/

PakbetPodkasts Presents: The Mega-Pakbet Podcast – Episode 1

Introducing the PakbetPodkasts‘s initial episode of The Mega-Pakbet Podcast, where Sonny and J (Gilbz wasn’t around) with our special guests Karen and Joiz.

Where we talk about:

Earth Hour
Plurk, and the Plurk Life
HK Racist Writer Disses On Filipinos, Ownership of Spratlys (http://hk-magazine.com/feature/war-home)
NIN in Manila, the August concert
UP Fair violence

UPDATE: PakbetPodkasts haz website now! Here: http://raincontreras.com/pakbetpodkasts/

Dieting and Podcasting

I’m on my second week of dieting, and I haven’t had a dieting regimen that lasted this long. I tried a no-rice diet for the first 8 days, but eventually figured out that no exercise and no rice makes me ultimately miserable. So no, its a cup of rice every meal, and two meals, with healthy snacks like fruit in between. As for exercise, I bought my own bike helmet that fits my large-ish head, as motivation, and I actually did go out once, before work, and ran along with 18 wheelers that just exited out of the Sta. Rita exit at NLEX.

Like I really have a choice. There are no bike tracks where I live.

There’s also a gym nearby, but it doesn’t appear to be an enticing place to flex muscle or do the treadmill at all. The gym attendant sits in a corner, mending her sari-sari store snack items, since the local office of the NBI is a few steps away. You’d only notice the huge containers of muscle-building powders on the top shelf. And since I went there around noontime, the heat was suffocating, since there was no airconditioning. I’m just going to look for a better jumprope, so I can do cardio at home, thank you.

Oh, and podcasting, how I missed you.

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