Rangefinder Filipinas Workshop Propaganda

For today’s quick and dirty blog update:

Here’s a video of a few Rangefinder Filipinas members with various cameras, for our upcoming photography workshop (the forum thread; the poster and details). I’m in it. First camera I held was a spycam that uses 16mm film, second was a medium-format one. Both Kiev’s, and not mine.

And the workshop also had a mention on Jessica Zafra’s blog.

The First RangefinderFilipinas Workshop: The Camera

Rangefinder Filipinas Presents: The Camera, A Classic Film Photography Workshop

A workshop about Photography’s Main Tool: The Camera – Its origin and evolution, and the different types it has evolved into.

A discussion on what the Classic Camera was, before it had largely degenerated into another computer peripheral.

An in-depth course on how the Camera works, its parts, and its application.

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The Weeks That Were

Now that I have the moving-site part of my website life over, I know I just have to revitalize whatever’s left of my blogging life.

Let’s start with my first fugly self-portrait, post-birthday:



These are with cheap glasses that didn’t last long. Phooey. And that hair! Been wearing a bonnet since, and its a weather-apt fashion accessory anyway.

And how about where I was and what I did last Saturday? I saw something to behold…

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