Christmas 2010, I Wear My Nerd Cap/Rooting the LG Optimus One

Unlike most people, I have work this time of the year. My shift is on the afternoons this month, too, so that cancels out noche buena.

Hence, the mornings of Christmas eve and Christmas day, I wear my nerd cap, and played with my weeks-old Android phone.

Skip the rest of this entry if this sort of mumbo-jumbo doesn’t interest you.

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GEEK NOTES: Ubuntu 10.04 Alongside Windows 7

Decided to retire my 80GB IDE boot drive, and get myself a 500GB SATA one, since I’m slowly also needing more storage. Like any sensible multi-booter, I convinced myself to do clean installs of the OS’s. Just in time for the latest Ubuntu.

After installing Windows 7, there was again the dilemma of partitioning, and I finally decided to get a disc image of GParted to provide a better grasp of how to do this: 5 partitions, 2 for the OS, 1 for the Linux swap, 2 for storage. This will give my 500GB external WD MyBook drive some time to rest.

Installing Ubuntu was again the easiest thing to do, and after logging in for the first time, it was much like logging in to my initial experience with Windows 7: everything just works. With only ONE spoiler: after installing the recommended proprietary NVIDIA drivers, the splash screen suddenly went low-res, and was really an eyesore. Apparently, other people are annoyed by this as well.

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This Month’s Thing To Geek On: The Portable Audio Rig

My Portable Music Rig
Sansa Clip (Original, not ‘+’ version) + Fiio E3 amp + Soundmagic PL11 IEM’s

Just last month, it was an unhealthy obsession on CPU cooling. Now its that thing in the middle you see with a red light on the bottom.

Its 500 pesos worth, powered by one AAA battery, and it makes me keep my mp3 player volume halfway.

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Back When People Didn’t Know What A Terrabyte Was, CD’s Ruled

Back when hard disks cost and storage size was a big compromise on the wallet, I, like everyone else, relied on CD’s for backups. Our first family CD writer cost us 4,000 pesos, but we knew at that time that it was a worthy investment.

And we, dear reader, will fast forward to the present and dwell on my wanting one, or two, terrabytes more of storage via an external hard disk. This wishing coincided with my cleaning my workstation at home yesterday. No before and after pictures of the mess, but let me present a web artifact I found, and would still keep, from the olden days:

free cd's, who remembers? CD samplers, with videos, software, and the obligatory free internet

At the time when mp3 conversion was just rearing its huge head to everyone’s everyday living, when 64MB flash disk players were the porma iPod-equivalent, when the then highly controversial Napster was dying, and there were a few trying to take its place (it was always Audiogalaxy or 100% legal Epitonic for me), receiving my free CD samplers made me feel cutting-edge and tech-cool. The CD’s didn’t only have mp3s, but video game previews, movie trailers, and music software.

Never mind that I don’t think I ever valued the actual music in it. Like everyone else, freebies are always appreciated in my world.


More CD talk:

Since Ubuntu 5.04, I’ve decided to order disks-to-ship, since they don’t charge anyway, and I get stickers! Ubuntu shipped discs for x86, PowerPC, Mac, AMD64, 64-bit, and like any geek, I’d want to get the maximum reasonable number. Now I have a couple of dozen of these I’m not sure what to do with, though. For gloating purposes, I’ll be keeping a copy of each, and unload the others.

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ZOMG November It Is And Nothing Is Really Happening

First off, Meshuggah was my beautiful music backdrop for this week’s mid-week office restdays:

I do try to listen to all the newer metal releases, but as for now, nothing really appeals to me as much as Meshuggah material: extremely heavy music without the need to resort to overbearing metal imagery (but as seen on video above, they are in that boat). And despite the term technical cropping up every time you mention the band, the technique doesn’t take over the song, and goes over to guitar-god territory.

Some geek talk for ya:

I’ve installed Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala beside the splendid Windows 7. Not very impressed. Annoyed that it won’t save my resolution settings, and yes, that’s even after I’ve consulted multiple threads on the support forums. You won’t see me taking it out of my system though, since I’ve had Windows screw me before.

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