I Like Movies, Too, or Yes, A Non-Photography Post

I’m slowly inching to the topic I frequently wrote when I started blogging, oh, 6 years ago.


Oh, there was a time that an aspiring film major valued my opinions when I was active in Livejournal, and there was this other time I was actively conversing with film critics over at the defunct Indiefilipino.com.


  • Over at my Multiply video archive (where I spend most of my post-work mornings uploading from YouTube) aside from the music videos -from Piaf to J Mascis-, there’s a split-in-three feature on Ingmar Bergman, who just recently died. I’ll say it anyway: beautiful black and white photography. Dang. Must brush up on what I still remember, and should watch, of Bergman.
  • A 10 minute short film of one of my favorite directors, Krzysztof Kieslowski, is up there, too. Would help if there were subtitles, since it appears to be a talkie.
  • And in movies of recent times, cable has been showing Judd Apatow‘s hit 40 Year-Old Virgin (which is a fabulous comedy to note), and I’ve re-rediscovered Miranda July‘s via a short films she wrote (Multiply link). Apatow is increasingly becoming a critic’s fave, and his recent Knocked Up has had favorable reviews. On the other hand, I haven’t heard much form July, but there is an eager anticipation from her followers what her next feature will be after the wonderful Me and You and Everyone We Know, a movie I’m tempted to just force people to see nowadays.

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This July Weekend: Hybrid DSLR, Smart Bro Woes, and Digital Tour’s Last Episode

Cynthia Alexander

Was with old college friend, visual artist and Komikera (a collective of comic artists) Lea Lim to watch a Cynthia Alexander gig at Conspiracy Garden Cafe in QC. The day before, I was surprisingly all-giddy about using my M42 lenses again on the 350D DSLR, which I’ve rarely done anyway. My Canon 50mm f1.8 is neat and all, but I wanted to check what the manual focus, vintage Helios-44M 58mm f2 can do, wide-open, in a bar-performance setup.

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REVIEW: Transformers aka Lord of the Allspark

Michael Bay’s Transformers movie is awesome, a must-see, a glorious example of what a summer blockbuster should be.

Now, permit me to nitpick:

Second generation robots fan

My brothers, both half-a-decade older than me, were nostalgic over local TV stations re-airing Voltes V and Daimos around the mid-to-late 80s. I, though also a fan of both shows, was more into Bioman, Voltron, and of course, THE Transformers.

I religiously watched the original cartoon series in grade school. Ironhide was a favorite, for a reason I now forget; Gestalt teams (Autobots who combine to form a much larger robot: Constructicons, Protectobots, etc.) were a much anticipated show feature; Skyfire’s Decepticon-to-Autobot story was cheesy drama that got to me; Omega Supreme’s immense presence radiated through the TV screen; and my heart thumped enthusiastically years later when fate had me watch the animated movie, along with the standard-issue hair-band guitar score.

Now that I’m pushing thirty, I still go nostalgic over stuff like this. I readily put out my hard earned RMB when I saw a complete First Generation Transformers DVD set in Shanghai about a year ago. Honestly though, the rush was second only to my finding the Aeon Flux animated series. Sexy beats robot-cool anytime.

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LOTD: Club Dredd is Back, Crowe’s Singles Review, etc.

Links of the day:

  • Legendary local rock joint Club Dredd is back, and its a 3-minute walk from the office, second floor of Gweilo’s Eastwood. Was never at the original, nor the relocated Club Dredd. But, come to think of it, free gigs are always happening here in Eastwood City anyway, I’d probably only go on nights with a good band line-up.
  • Caught Cameron Crowe’s grunge-rock tribute movie Singles on HBO the other day, and I swear, I was wishing I could see the same movie half an hour before it aired on TV. A very personal review here.
  • Chinese food ‘made from cardboard’. Ugh. Pork baozi was my favorite morning street snack back in Shanghai. Almost the same size as Kowloon House siopao, filled with ginger-y pork bola-bola style, soaking in hot broth inside the bun, and for the equivalent of 6 pesos each.

Been Away Long, I Know: Some Updates

Cosplayers at ToyCon 2007
A scaled-down Optimus Prime at the recently held ToyCon 2007 at Megamall

  • The online life is now 50% Multiply, 30% Flickr, 10% for this blog, and the last 10% for everything else, including browsing through my Bloglines subscriptions, and ToyKameraPilipinas/RFilipinas. Makes less and less sense to keep this site, pay for the domain and hosting, etc., but lets just consider this a phase; phases could go on pretty long, though.
  • Pre-photography, I did have a collective of good friends I hung out with from the office. Last Friday, I shunned all other event/gig/group photo-ops, and decided to take part in a surprise birthday party for ex-officemate Maya. Photos here.