a dose from the so-called video-store auteur

people went gaga over the return of the king. i didnt, but yes, the movie is interesting enough to spend money on. around this time, the movie fix has to be satisfied, and, adhering to the present mood and state, kill bill proves to be the best candidate.

did it satisfy? it didnt bore me, it was entertaining, and there was this freaky guy in the cinema, when seated, randomly claps, and moves his hands as if he were conducting an orchestra. when standing, he walks around, preaching about something righteous (i guess), and holds up what looks like a vcd. nice touch.

Google ‘Filipino’

make a search with the string “Filipino” on IMDB, and one will find out the following:

1) there was a film in 1900 called A Filipino Town Surprised. not much details supplied on the net. was shot in Dagupan.

2) Screen One: Filipina Dreamgirls is about ‘Several men from England travel to the Philippines on an arranged tour to meet Filipina women for romance and possible marriage. None of the women are the ideal Asiatic beauties the men imagined, but by the end of the tour, most of the Englishmen return with a new bride.‘. rated 8 out of 10 by a reviewer.

3) Tsuma wa Filipina (My Wife is Filipina) was part of the Singapore International Film Festival

4) finally, Tina Arena‘s real name is Filipina Lydia Arena.

another dose of useless info from yours truly.