Site Re-Design Ongoing

Site re-design ongoing, so bear with me.

Things I think I should do:

  • Blog more.
  • Put up a blogroll up again. Be friendly with other bloggers.
  • Advertising?

Random thought: Minimalistic-designed blogs work best with photos. I’m not in photographer mode until “some matters” get settled. These matters are filed under Positive, so no worries

Last update: Decided to use the Cutline theme, which is really a throwback to the “classic” two-column, widget driven setup. And if anyone’s seen this blog’s redesigns through the years, this isn’t a surprise: I used to always prefer the white, minimal style.

To-dos: Bookmarks/links and Archives (optional) page.

Latest update: Yesterday’s theme was admittingly ugly, so I went for ‘The Journalist‘ theme today, which is, for the lazy in me, thankfully widgetized! Let’s see how long this lasts.

Please bear with the site. Upgrading to WordPress 2.6


10:00 AM – Removing my unused plugins before the upgrade.

10:08 – Stuck it out with about 20 plugins, with a few deactivated. Mental note: make an archives page! Blog upgrade music: The Innocence Mission’s Glow record. Now deactivating all plugins for upgrade.

10:50 – Upgrade DONE. Everything should be functional from hereon.

Look Y’all! New Site Theme!

Though I’m still convinced the dark site look is obsolete, it’s not when you display photos, especially black-and-white ones. Hence, no more white themes for now.

I’ve already made customizations to the Sharpfolio theme, but some parts of the site still need work. And yes, I’m not using the theme as intended for the latest WordPress version, but I guess a bit more than 4 years of working on this platform gives me enough dibs to do what I want, right?

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Theme Installation Ongoing

Please bear with the site, the two or three of you who’re reading right now.

Theme install DONE.

So there goes my spoil-the-blog weekend. But then, with the new categories-to-tags conversion of WP 2.3, I screwed up :/ Now I have to tag ALL my posts accordingly, and figure out how to display a tag cloud somewhere here.

Hence, if the 2-3 of you readers are poking around looking for something, just use the Search bar up there 🙂