modified post re wmp blog plugin

as you can see in the previous post, as well as this one, i set a blog plugin to insert the media (video or audio) info that im currently playing to the blog post. this method calls for: WMP 9.0, and this, which is part of the “Windows Media Player 9 Series Fun Pack“.

thing here is, this is not going to be a natural thing to do when i’m at home, fiddling with the pc… who’d want to have resource-whore, bad-sounding, monopolistic media player, when i have iTunes?


checked my posts with the audio links. suddenly, my blog archive list looked dirty because of the code-as-blog-heading tactic. might as well set a code rule myself on the css template, so i could get rid of blog titles altogether, and just embed the media info/link within the blog entry body. but i’ll be ending the day already, thank you very much.

so yeah, i’m geeky like that.