and in movie news

*Babae sa Breakwater wins Young Critic’s Circle Best Picture

this is excellent, excellent news, but, no mention of Magnifico anywhere?!

*Golden Globe winners/OSCAR Nominations are out

must-get a copy of Lost in Translation; two words: Bill Murray. on the other hand, City of God has some nominations for the Oscars, but not for Best Foreign Language Film. a real disappointment personally, since most of the elements of the film (using past-date film [hence the orange-y tinge throughout the movie], the protagonist being an aspiring photographer) appeal to me directly, even if it had that MTV-stylized shots, which put me off initially, but was executed fabulously anyway.

*Me always left out in Last Samurai conversations at the office

i dont effing care. i’ll babble about the merits of legendary Kurosawa and Mifune, you’ll talk about samurai throwing swords. can you even name the goddamn director? heck no. a lot of people will never get it.