late semi-review of a Majam gig

Majam gigs have always been a sort of priority when i was back in UP, primarily because they were good, and equal to that, the admission was always free. m and i decided to get our infrequent jazz dose last sunday at the Lagoon.

badly enough, they were displaced from the Lagoon stage because of a nearby party, which did appear campus-official, nonetheless noisy. the trio held the concert behind the admin grounds, across the street from the UP Theater. we placed ourselves in front, missing assumingly one, or half a, song.

a competent review with have all the song titles at hand to cite, but Joey Valenciano, the drummer, would, i am lead to believe, permit this misgiving. he even forgets the songs after they play em 🙂 first thing i noticed would be the addition of a new pianist. no Johnny Torres :/ but he does look official, and that’s what the program says, too. his name? sorry, didnt get it also. highlights of the gig was their version of the standard Take Five, and an improv of that Viva Hot Babes hit, Bulaklak. yes, folks, it was a request.

despite the obvious changes, as well as Joey appearing to have lost a little of his heftness, Ruben Reyes (bassist), looking ultra-casual with slippers, and now-long, semi-unkempt hair, this ia Majam as you would probably have them at your house, at the basement, practicing slash performing. its definitely about time to have an album out for these guys.


damn camera attachment on phone gave crappy pictures of the gig, and im still 30 shots away from finishing a B&W film roll on my Lomo Smena 8M :/ so here’s a lifted image from the web [source]: