handful of updates

mood: an immense laziness to blog and work.

was supposed to: leave early to look for polaroid film, but then, edited instead the cookbook my dad has been typing for mom. got to minimize black in use on the printer. and even before i stepped out of the house, i had the quick inspiration to do a mirror portrait -brother just installed a mirror in my room- with the 2-months-dormant-in-the-post-office-f*ck-em Lomo Smena Symbol. poof, the flash wont work. the flash does work though for the other cameras, so that means this specific camera’s hotshoe aint so hot after all.

and this morning: i lost a really cheap bid (stayed at $1 til the last hour) on a russian lightmeter. dang.

in apartment news: doing great. we’re eyeing this new, studio-type apartment a short bus ride away from the office. too bad we havent really been in the apartment, since the caretaker wasnt around when we went there.