cheap and satisfied

i found myself at the Uniwide Warehouse Club right after a tapa meal at Jollibee over at Crossing-Edsa. m and i went there before to shop for her inaanaks. items i took interest were: folding beds and chairs (300+p, 89p, respectively), sunglasses (9-20p), and ‘street chalk’. didnt buy anything though, but its a shopping place i will definitely propose to my future apartment co-dwellers.

next, i got a little confused when the tricycle driver dropped me off at HMR, in a different location. he said the old one still exists at the old building, but the HMR attendants say its closed already. anyway, the new building was significantly smaller, and didnt have the warehouse feel anymore of the old place. one would appreciate the improved organization of the items, and the clean-feel the light-colored painted walls give off. i didnt like the new vibe very much, and the 29p chinese cameras where nowhere to be found. item of interest: 129p welder’s mask. uh, yeah.


tv commercials work. the coke float at McDo was all ice, dammit.