urbandub na ‘to: a concert review

Urbandub music didnt take off in me like this pheonix-out-of-the-flames. i’ve stamped them with the stigma of rich-kid rock. glad it grew on me.

i watched their gig at the Bahay ng Alumni over at UP last tuesday. not expecting much, and being by my lone self, i was just looking forward to take pictures.

three bands before the main act was this gimmicky band that played a medley of metor garden and vintage rockstar songs (remember pinoy rock radio ballad staple ‘victims of love’? yes. that rockstar.). and they were making fun of them being incubus clones. i’d take these guys for kamikazee any day, thank you. amusing, at least.

two bands before the main act, we got hardcore.

and just before the main act, was a band called The Brew. strangely, they reminded me of Wolfgang. sound was all muffled, music was personally uninteresting.

and Urbandub. placed myself where i could take good pictures, right, fronting the stage. checked my Holga camera, the flash wont charge. my backup was a Lomo Smena Symbol, but i didnt have my flash unit; it’d be futile anyway since the camera’s hotshoe doesn’t work. oh crap. just had to make-and-do with long exposure shots, that i’m not even sure will come out.

oh, Urbandub. sound was surprisngly good, pretty tight. only ‘fault’ i’ve seen during the entire set was a forgotten lyric. the rich-kid-rockstars vibe was still there, but i stopped being cynical and tried to enjoy the entire thing. yes, i even bobbed my head to some songs, mouthed some of the words i know from the songs.

with obvious influences from Hum and the Deftones, these kids are doing great. songwriting-wise, lyrics need work, but the collectively generated power of the Urbandub sound makes up for it.