’tis back

after 3 days of inactivity because of a trojan infection on my webhost, the site is back up. things aren’t going to be less diferent as before, though. consider it as laziness or lack of creativity on my part, i guess.

i made an odd discovery yesterday: been to 3-or-so malls yesterday, and i got an allergic reaction to each one. dust, i guess. shopped for anything to add to my wardrobe (if you could call a handful of t-shirts, and 3-4 pants a ‘wardrobe’). i got home with a slightly overpriced pair of black Vans shoes, and some bookstore items to organize my camera manuals, and that‘s after an entire day at several malls. i’m not the impulsive shopper, but i do wish i was a little more decisive than i am now