going unlimited

pacific prepaid gives unlimited access from 11pm to 8am, and it gives me a little confidence in the tactic that you access the enhanced service by changing the first part of your username. coincidentially, my brother and i were talking about getting a proper unlimited internet access plan, but i heard that the digitel phone subscription we have may bar other isp’s soon. no confirmation yet about this, though.

yes, obviously, i’m not too hot about an P888-a-month surf-all-you-want plan. and yes, i’m also aware of the current, undesirable status of our phone bill (we just connect via digitel most of the time, since getting internet cards is a hassle, and digitel charges aren’t cheap). solution is easy to be cost-efficient: dont be lazy in buying prepaid internet cards, and surf on off-peak hours. done deal.

on another note: now you go get mozilla thunderbird ver 0.6, ya hear?