geek on

i started working on organizing and printing camera manuals for my just-acquired (for a measly $26) Zenit TTL camera (oh yes, its russian camera #5) an hour or two before midnight. count about four hours past that, and i’m steel geeking on.

rain and his zenit ttl camera

better consider this therapy from the crap i get at work.

to-do today: practice SLR skills, despite my idiocy. use the light meter (Leningrad 7), since the built-in meter of this russian behemoth seems temperamental. at least i dont guesstimate focus anymore (yes, i’m referring to my smena’s).

2 thoughts on “geek on”

  1. hi michael. i stopped collecting cameras for a few years now. at least focus now on shooting, which is really the most important thing anyway 🙂

    and Zenit lost to a Spotmatic given to me. brighter viewfinder wins!

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