Imelda, thankfully, can now be seen at your nearby movie theaters (the restraint for its showing was lifted on the condition that the word ‘Documentary‘ be dropped from the film). its thoroughly enjoyable, i’ll give it that, though i’d much prefer the roughness and local flavor of, say, Probe Team features, than this one. it wasnt badly done; i guess it just didnt live up to its hype.

director Ramona Diaz did choose a subject you can never really go wrong with. prop a camera in front of Imelda, leave it there, let the former first lady to talk for hours, you’ve recorded precious film from one of the oddest minds standing on our shores. interviews with friends, acquaintances, and enemies add streaks of color to it, with Fr. James Reuter blurting out the best story about his encounter with Mrs. Marcos.

oh, dont even think of blinking when the camera starts docuementing the theories Imelda writes on paper.

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