at the mall yesterday

so, there i was in the audience with my girl, a handful of people screaming jen‘s name at the back, kids on the stage not minding anything, and a collective vibe i guess i’m pretty familiar with, but only from a spectator point-of-view; never been part of an actual group of artista fans who religiously collect newspaper clippings of their adored-one, and ask random people the exact location where the next stop of the mall tour would be.

surprisingly, the level of discomfort i was in was minimal.


i went near the stage to take photos when everyone else was taking photos. i dont doubt the Holga will take good pictures, but i still had difficulty with the Fed3 focus. its just now that i guess i could’ve bought the Zenit TTL SLR, and borrowed my brother’s flash. hmmm, i didnt see anyone using SLRs there. lighting was good enough for my Sony-Ericsson Communicam to work, and that’s how i shot the image above; couldnt even make it as a publicity photo, i know. gah 🙁 my girl and i were like novice fans who wouldn’t know what to say, nor how to act in the presence of our idol. heck, we didn’t see a mob trying to take over our less-than-five minutes of interaction, but, sadly, it didnt take much to push us over to the other side 🙁

songs were sung live and was pop-commendable, host-DJ armed with masa-humor was ok, and the inner snob in me didnt come out. i didnt come there with expectations, and i finished the event not seeing it as a time-waster, and that i’d-rather-be sleeping regret.

now there’s another peg to my recent achievements of things-i-dont-expect-myself-to-do.