on my way home, and when i got there

the ride from work-home this sunday morning was dangerously unusual. the FX driver kept on vigorously wiping his face with his hand, and slapping his face hard to keep himself awake. i was, i guess, in a more advantageous position than the other passengers: i was beside the driver, i had my seatbelt on (since no one else sat in front), and i had the nearest destination. this is exactly part of the reason i never really liked FX rides: you’d never know what kind of idiot is on the wheel.

was a little excited to see the microwave oven i persuaded my brother to buy (shared expenses). see, we never really had one, and besides the gas stove, the only appliance we could heat/bake food was the barely functional turbo broiler. the brother said he’ll get one saturday, he did, and i just used it before going to work earlier heating take-home chinese fast food. expect posts about microwave’d meals in the future.