this weekend

took a leave last friday. i have a lot more leaves to dispose by the end of the year.

was on our (me, my girl, eldest brother) way to visit the new nephew in Laguna, but we were told we still can’t see him. he was more or less a month premature. good thing we knew about this when we were just around Cubao. sadly, my informal camera bag will not be opened to shoot. i suggested we just prop ourselves in Megamall. turned out there was a Motorshow to occupy my brother’s time, and shopping (someone should stop me abusing plastic credits, now) and arcade games to occupy mine and my girl‘s.

air hockey was fun, and we bought a kite.

spent sunday morning heating up and eating a semi-failed adobong bangus with gata dish, along with adobong sitaw and shrimps, and fried, dried small fish. Ate called from Canada, exclaiming interest in getting a camera-enabled phone that we could buy for her.

emails to dad and Ate are the next tasks to accomplish.

oh, if anyone is seeing this site with Times New Roman text, your PC is officially ancient.

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