poorer, albeit better equipped

camera: Canon A85
location: Bulacan
note: image unedited; set to automatic, no-flash setting

don’t get me wrong. i still think film photography rocks. i just wanted to sleep soundly now, since i’ve been obsessing over this purchase the past few days.


the trek to Quiapo (for the camera) on a jeepney was good. the ‘depressing’ houses and people, semi-gloomy weather was an oddly welcome sight. see, i live in a house where native birds chirp in the morning, the mango trees partially cover the skies, and the binatog vendor shows up sometimes. you call Manila ugly, i’d say i want to experience being a resident. closest thing i did similar to that was live in a dormitory in UP Diliman, but that’s the school where you have enormous patches of fog (not smog) in the colder months, and dozens of kaimito fruit falling all over the lawn. that obviously doesn’t count.