top 5 most-missed 90s songs

5) you’re not the only one i know – the sundays

always did try to request for this on weekends on NU. ceased to do so when i got hold of their album. one of the loveliest i-don’t-care ditties written by my favorite band.

4) all i ask of myself is that i hold together – ned’s atomic dustbin

the song title, the head-bobbing beat, those damn two bass guitars make this . pity i saw the video only once.

3) motorcycle emptinessmanic street preachers

the only song i liked from this band. gives a novel quasi-nostalgic feel of rock-days-gone-by, with apt, though over-the-top lyrics (Culture sucks down words / Itemise loathing and feed yourself smiles / Organise your safe tribal war / Hurt maim kill and enslave the ghetto). back in the 90s, it was even voted as their best song.

2) kill your television – ned’s atomic dustbin

when everyone was just getting into hairband rock, i was so drawn into brit rock that no one liked then, i practically felt like a music-alien, when i wasn’t even familiar with the concept. hear a soundclip.

1) crankcatherine wheel

distortion, distortion, distortion, and a killer melody. speakers can never be too loud for this one.