Having had coughing fits during my daily provincial bus trip, and even during sleep, I’ve decided to forego even considering going to Quiapo yesterday to shoot the Black Nazarene Feast in Quiapo. I wouldn’t have had enough energy to walk, and mingle with the one million people there, as reported on TV. It would’ve been a perfect photo-op to test my $16.49 Zenit 3M, which I just got from the post office last Friday; I’m loving this toy for the sheer beauty and portability of it, compared to my Zenit TTL or my Fed 3.

Taken in Manual, Macro-mode, with a Canon A85. It took me an effing while to figure out how to make it look like that. I suppose it’s the prettiest camera in my collection right now.


I went over photographer-friend Jay Javier‘s studio last Saturday to check on my girl’s Zenit B, my defective Jupiter 37-A 135mm lens, and the newly picked up thirty-two year old camera. The cameras were easily fixed, but the lens was deemed better off sent back to Russia. We also talked about digicams, and his newest acquisition, a P50k Canon EOS 300D. Based on his previous experience with Nikon and Fuji DSLR cameras, looks like he’s loving this one the best. Probably the best thing about it, compared to other DSLR’s, is that it practically accepts all these screwmount lenses (coupled with an adapter, of course) from his decades-old arsenal of Former Soviet Union cameras, even the 1963-made Industar-50 lens that came standard with my Zenit 3M worked perfectly with it.

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