‘Astig’ not too hard, but delivers

I was pleasantly surprised/not-suprised to see Jon Red’s astig being shown in the Cabanatuan-bound bus I was in the other day, on my way home. Its a welcome breather from their staple Van Damme and Seagal flicks.

ASTIG, an experimental digital film, written and directed by independent filmmaker Jon Red. Shot on mini-digital video, it stars Robin Padilla and tells the story from the point of view and through the eyes of bien, an assassin who suffers from astigmatism. To achieve this effect, Robin also worked as camera operator while portraying the role of the killer.

Red still employs familiar indie-film techniques, albeit in the digital format, which I believe was better utilized in one of his previous movies, ‘Still Lives‘, the supposed prequel of Astig, where the cinematography -though static and limited; camera sat on one side of the kitchen all throughout- was apt. The moviestar/celebrity ensemble was sufficient, though its easy to point out a Tarantino flavor staining the movie. Not exactly, if you ask me. I see it as a noir-inspired, pinoy gangster film than anything else. Plotwise, not that meaty for the genre, though the adik/lasheng humor can be funny.

Get your copy of this 75-minute film for P250 at any local vcd shop, kids.

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