Microsoft: Legit Windows or no updates

Aiming to crack down on counterfeit software, Microsoft plans later this year to require customers to verify that their copy of Windows is genuine before downloading security patches and other add-ons to the operating system… Starting Feb. 7, the verification will be mandatory for many downloads for people in three countries: China, Norway and the Czech Republic [source]

If you are running on a pirated copy of Windows XP, this may not sound that grave, but it is, considering the tonloads of security issues XP has. How much is a genuine copy of Windows XP Pro locally? Villman pegs the OS at P8,988. That’s half the budget that can be allotted for a very capable desktop PC.

The point that most Windows users I know use the OS illegally is a valid point taken for the manufacturer to make such a move as mandated in their still voluntary Windows Genuine Advantage program. It’s just sad that we are now required to buy a working, essential operating system, where patches have to be applied to the system regularly for it to work securely and by design.

I’m not defending the business of pirated software. Aside from two really important programs I’m currently using that’s cracked, I’ve downloaded and installed everything else I need for free, legally.

Set the cost reasonably, I’ll buy it.

Is it about time to mention the L word now?

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