Added 80 gigs of storage(!) on the home PC, but I did lose power on my CPU side-fan, since it appears I didn’t have enough power connections, and something had to give. Also got myself a copy of Fedora Core 3. Initiated the installation, but was disappointed with the partition-manager, since it didn’t give me the ‘auto’ power MandrakeLinux did. The stores didn’t have Suse, which was the distro I really wanted to buy.


Yes, it was Valentine’s day yesterday, and the only highlight for me was the hard disk purchase.



Oh, damn the new North Luzon tollway. Now, the buses charge 5 pesos more. That’s 55 pesos for me to get to Metro Manila, one way. Phew. If they’d only throw smokers out on the expressway riding the ‘ordinary’ buses, I’ll be more than willing to sacrifice some comfort, since I travel at night anyway.


Here are the links to the Hot-air Ballon Fest pictures held at Clark Field, Pampanga:

>>Hot-air Balloon Fly-Out (6:00 AM)
NOTE: Honestly, these look like the best photographs I’ve ever taken 😥

>>Hot-air Balloon Preparation ‘Action’ Shots

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