Almost released

To celebrate, here’s what I got:

Ben Folds Five – The Complete Sessions at West 54th
>> The bulk of the performed songs came from their major-release debut, a tape of which I still have. I love how everyone looks at each other, in the jazz trio kind of way. Would love to have Ben just stick with this band, and do solo projects.

Sonic Youth – Corporate Ghost: Videos, 1990-2002
>> Browsed through some videos, looks fine.

The Stone Roses
>> This one doesn’t play on the home-theater-in-a-box setup. Gar.

But how can I live without metal?

Slayer – Reign In Blood: Still Reigning
>> The main tracks are mostly less-heard songs, while the bonus tracks are old Slayer anthems I guess most fans know by heart. I can find more engaging textures in the old Slayer to the material they have now. I’m a virgin Slayer video-viewer, so I was surprised how could Tom Araya look so theatrical. Best part is the ‘actual’ rain of blood.

What’s there to celebrate about? I’ll tell you soon kids, once its official.

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