Friendster befriends blogs–and fees

Social networking + personal publishing =

[CNET] Friendster Blogs, whose underlying technology is provided by San Francisco-based Six Apart, is notable in that it merges two Web trends–social networking and blogging–and also helps nudge the social networking sites toward fee-based revenue models [source]

I have been a firm believer of Six Apart, makers of two products I was lucky enough to beta-test: Movable Type (I got into the 3.0 testers list), and TypePad. Ok, so I jumped into the WordPress bandwagon once the company issued paid licenses, and spent 3 days making the Big Blog Engine Switch (refer to Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3). Traitor? Probably, I guess. Though I did long for the ease of making new blog with the MT, but with the latest WP version supporting dedicated ‘Pages‘, I’ve sold my online soul completely to my current blog engine now.

I am not enthusiastic nor eager at all about Friendster, but I acknowledge it as a sufficient networking tool. However, I’m a content nut, so blogs suffice my online needs.

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