After an unforced diet for the past few days, mainly because I have stomach issues, frequently vomit food, and my very particular taste just got way too picky, I finally was able to digest food 5AM this morning – yes, I’m adjusting to be a daywalker- with rice sauteed in garlic-flavored margarine (we have no cooking oil anymore), and sardines in tomato sauce. Thankfully, I was also able to get out of the house, just to buy the much-delayed groceries for the week.


Holy week season is usually photo-op season, too. Since I decided not to go with my brother to Baguio, I might plan to do some Good Friday rounds of Manila, that is, if ever I do decide to leave the comforts of my abode. I’ve never really tested the zoom lens yet, but then, I’d want to save on film developing and printing costs, and might just bring the digicam. Cancel that. Blame it on so much free time I now resort to playing PC games. I am NOT a gamer by any stretch. It probably figures that my only goal for the past couple of hours is having the girl-boy Sim roommates I set up to go woohoo.

[Listening to: Wala Nang Hahanapin Pa – Apo – (3:45)]

NOTE: the div/listening-to music tag is courtesy of WMPamplog for Winamp 5. I’m actually going back to new versions of programs I used frequently before (the much criticized Winamp, and a more kick-ass w.bloggar).

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