They always make it easy

Google Experiments with Video Blogging []

I share the same sentiments with those who commented on the article: this make it so easy to search for any kind of video. The p0rn peddlers are probably panicking right now.

Its now and online and in Beta: So far, not a lot of results, and most of the videos originate from US TV networks. I wish I can filter out all the crap FOX has to offer.


OT: Comments are now open, after years of quasi-resistance. If anyone has tried to post comments the past few hours, and have been receving errors when submitting comments, that is now fixed. The cause is an old spam comment plugin for an older version of WordPress that was still activated.

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3 thoughts on “They always make it easy”

  1. dude, so far, so good. you know comment spam only happens to bad bloggers, most especially those who don’t even care to update, and would just want to install nightly builds of the blog scripts they use.


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