I don’t go with everything, mind you

Rice: The ultimate Filipino food. Simple and goes
with everything.

Which Filipino Food Are You?
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Bah. First time in a long time I actually bothered and made the effort to answer an online quiz, I get typical, non-spectacular results. C’mon.

Oh, and I’m not that fond of rice-based desserts; they will do, but I wouldn’t sob if I can’t have any.


Fried rice cooking tip: If you don’t like actual garlic getting stuck between your teeth, or you would want to come up with a very quickie fried garlic rice, use Garlic-flavored Star Margarine, with preferably day-old rice (stored in the ref, of course).

[Listening to: Ang Torotot ni Bentot (Rise) – Tito, Vic, & Joey – Seriously (3:20)]

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