Finally!/Spongebob not as absorbent

They just had to show the grown-up Darna – and her much-anticipated, scrumptious, eye-popping goodness- on the fourth episode [see related post].

For comprehensive fan updates, visit these: darna-gma7, and darna-network. Also, do click on the related links of more GMA 7 shows on the sidebars of each site; from a retrospective on Mulawin, and even the latest on the upcoming Encantadia.


It’s probably the mood. The hour-and-a-half I spent watching Spongebob Squarepants: The Movie came and went like a blur. It wasn’t outrageously funny, and most of the laugh-worthy scenes have been shown in the sneak previews and trailers. It’s not a right-on miss, but I could randomly pick three episodes from the cartoon series and be exposed to significantly better amusement. Despite that, I’d rather spend the whole day in the movie theater memorizing Patrick Star’s lines than even relishing the thought of going through all the other crap showing right now.

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[Listening to: What Shall We Do Next? – Club 8 – Strangely Beautiful (2:36)]

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