Blog migration done

Due to the recent downtimes I’ve been experiencing, I settled with my host to migrate the site to the newer servers. Taking note of that, I will heed the advise not to make any updates within an 8-12 hour period, starting after a couple of minutes from now, so this is also a personal reminder post for me.

I was also promised no downtime during the migration, and here’s hoping all goes well 😀

UPDATE [4:58 PM]: Looks like all did go well, except for several minutes of inaccesibility after my host gave me the notice that my site was successfully migrated, which I assume is just the nameservers needing time to update.

[Listening to: Midnight in a Perfect World – DJ Shadow – In Tune and On Time Live (2:59)]

3 thoughts on “Blog migration done”

  1. site’s looking great and loading well from here. just had a problem with the rss feeds a while back…but they’re okay now.

  2. all the plugins that come with the standard installation, but they’re all deactivated. the ones i actually use are: spam karma, wp-cc, and the integrator.

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