The checklist this week

  • Finish office clearance – this is mainly to secure post-work financing via the separation pay.
  • Finish SSS ID application – this one is to secure an official ID, with my picture on it. The screwy thing is, the Malolos, Bulacan branch releases the ID’s two-and-a-half-months after the approved application
  • Fix PC – even if it cost me to drain off a useful amount from whatever funds I have left [read the technical stuff from an earlier post]
  • Renew the NBI clearance – the HR department at my former work allowed me to get their copy, so I’m relieved that I just had to spend 5 minutes in a mall to renew this (I couldn’t find my personal copy), instead of lining up half-a-day to get a new one

Status of all above items: DONE.

Only other productive stuff I could engage myself with the next few days would be to continue fixing up the house, and my room. I might also want to get an actual job in the process, so let’s see what happens to that.


Oh, who else thought Wrestlemania XXI didn’t really deliver? Only part I got excited about was Lemmy and the rest of Motorhead performing Triple H‘s theme song (The Game).

[Listening to: Tomorrow Is Already Here – Stereolab – (4:56)]

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