“Outstanding” Filipino films at Cannes

via INQ7.net:

THIS year’s Cannes International Film Festival will be a special event for Filipino filmmakers, some of whose best works will be featured in the prestigious filmfest’s new Tous les Cinemas du Monde program, which is dedicated to the presentation by selected countries of a varied showcase of their respective cinematographic creations… After viewing a number of Filipino productions, the festival’s programmers chose four full-length and two short films for the Philippine showcase:”Panaghoy sa Suba,” directed by Cesar Montano for CM Films; “Dekada ’70” by Chito Roño for Star Cinema; “Bagong Buwan” by Marilou Diaz-Abaya (Star Cinema), and “Milan” by Olivia Lamasan (Star Cinema) [source]

Oh, come on. This selection is the kind of stuff the Oscars would pick. Three Star Cinema films?! Boooo. I haven’t seen Montano’s film, but the critic-feedback is favorable.


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I’ve heard this probably half-a-dozen times before, and I fully agree: Citizen Kane just can’t still be the best film ever made.

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