Gonzo Gizmos

Another great MAKE: Blog entry, on Gonzo Gizmos. Notable projects include:

*Browse through all the ‘Science Toys’ here.

The last two appeal to me the most, for obvious reasons. The last one just sparked an interest in me to look for a kaleidoscope, or even buidling one, and find ways to use a camera with it. In contrast, here’s a link to flash-made kaleidoscope pattern engine.


I already flashed my years-old cd-writer drive with the latest available firmware for it, and I’m still burning approx 50% corrupted cdr’s. I don’t need a dvd combo drive (I have a separate dvd drive), so it is a good thing that cd-writers right now cost less than half of what we originally paid for our drive, and faster even.

[Listening to: Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World – The Ramones – (2:12)]

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