Coloring black-and-white photos

Back in the olden days, the only way to have colored photos is to actually hand-color them, with the right combination of chemicals. I was curiously attracted to experiment on this technique, knowing photographer-friend Jay Javier does his coloring using grocery-bought food coloring.

By using Photoshop CS (for overall photo enhancement) and Corel Painter IX (for coloring), I’ve managed to artificially color a digitally-captured (via a Canon A85) gumamela photo. Neat little experiment to undertake, though I was never really good at fancy art projects that required actual, real skills 😕

  • Click here for a larger version of the original, slightly Photoshop-enhanced, black-and-white photo.
  • Click here for a larger version of the modified, colored photo.
[Listening to: Death is not The End – Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – (4:27)]

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