One beef dish photo

Since we still had some beef from last week’s groceries, I decided to lay off the usual nilaga or kaldereta, two dishes I can hardly resist, but have grown a bit tired of. So, off I went to Pinoycook‘s blog, to pick a recipe to try. I started off just going for the Beef with Gravy dish, but the Beef Stroganoff‘s Russian origin was a big notch up for me (FYI: for the newbie-readers, I collect vintage Russian cameras, and have become charmed with the rustic Russian culture), that I had to see if I can make something edible with it, and ultimately, take pictures of the output 😎


The grocery I went to didn’t have any parsley, so I opted for some thyme instead, to get that herb-y flavor.

[Listening to: Kamasupra – Eraserheads – Anthology Disc One (4:38)]

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