Re Domain Expired Warning

If anyone reading this blog suddenly gets a Domain Expired warning, just delete your browser cache, or use another browser.

What?! You don’t have at least three browsers like I do? *shivers and mocks you*

This seems to be an issue with a handful of PlogHost-hosted sites. Well, ok, if you can actually read this, that means you don’t have any issues viewing the blog, but the case appears to be erratic. Saw the warning first on Firefox, but IE and Opera didn’t replicate the trend.

[Listening to: What A Wonderful World – Innocence Mission – (2:54)]

3 thoughts on “Re Domain Expired Warning”

  1. Yes, it’s very erratic. Sometimes it;s ok someitmes it’s not. We are heavily coordinating with our Registrar with this. It’s some sort of a DNS problem on their end. All our servers are perfectly working and all other domains are fine. P.S. You can view plogHost by going to (that’s without the www).

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